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Every great leader in both the personal and professional arenas of life have one thing in common. They all have role models of who they would like to be and what they would like to achieve. Incredible leaders take it upon themselves to achieve greatness, and, if possible,  why not attain it in a shorter period of time? That’s exactly what results coaching will allow you to do. It minimizes the time it takes to achieve results you seek by helping you create breakthroughs to transform the quality of life (for yourself and others).



Take what you love to do and turn it into your way of living. Get clear on the true passions that move and drive you to living life on your terms. 


The ability to lead and influence others is crucial in business. Learn the strategies to guide and empower others to reach their full potential. Become the strong leader you were meant to be.


Identify key areas of optimization for your business that could create massive results. Helping you streamline your services and increase revenue.


Set yourself up with a business map that allows you to give back in the ways nearest and dearest to your heart. Create the impact that you wish to be remembered for and leave your legacy. 

3 Month "Ignite & Launch" Coaching Package

Need a jumpstart in your business and not sure where to begin? This coaching package is the perfect place to start. Discover and ignite your passion and turn it into your way of living.

  • Discover your passion with pinpoint precision and launch it into your way of living and making an impact on the world. 
  • Three months of guided 1:1 coaching to help you remove your roadblocks to success and launch your new business based on your passion.

  • Four one to one personal impact calls per month (12 sessions total).

  • Facebook group access (interact & learn from other entrepreneurs).

    Perfect for entrepreneurs who are just getting started and are looking for the kickstart they need to produce maximum results in a short period of time. This is ONLY for those who are serious about removing their obstacles and creating a life and business based on their passion. This is not for someone who is not ready to take their life to the next level.

Six Month Exclusive "Scale & Excel" Coaching Package

Are you a serial entrepreneur who knows that proximity is power? Delve in and get 6 months of one to one coaching to transform your mind and maximize your business results. Learn the key business strategies to optimize and systematize your business to scale with ease.  Need guidance beyond the weekly sessions? No problem, you will have exclusive access to a private number to contact me with your concerns.

  • Six months of immersive coaching to help you thrive and scale in your business.
  • Four one to one personal impact calls per month (24 sessions total).
  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group with other business owners committed to leveling up.
  • Private number to access me (average of 24 hour response time).

Definitely for the serious entrepreneur looking to transform their business long-term. This is only for current entrepreneurs who are willing to put in the work and effort to transform their mind and revolutionize their businesses. 

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Andrea is available for both live (in person) and virtual events.